Restaurant Spotlight: SUSHI ROXX

SUSHI ROXX has been discretely tucked away on 39th street, since 2015. However, looks can be deceiving. When the door opens to the main dining room, a state of the art AV & lighting system immediately transports you to a night in Tokyo. The SUSHI ROXX team strives to offer the perfect combination of rocking sounds & incredible live performances with a high quality food & cocktail program.


SUSHI ROXX’s menu features a variety of sushi rolls and pizzas, several salads and a handful of entrees like filet mignon and chicken teriyaki. You’ll find everything from your basic avocado salad and California roll to a tuna poke bowl and Big Mac roll with spicy tuna, avocado, snow crab, bonito flakes, tobiko and sweet soy. The most eye-catching starter is the “Tuna Flatbread Pizza”, a flatbread topped with fresh tuna, avocado, caviar and aioli! The most popular sushi roll is the “Surf & Turf”, a shrimp tempura, snow crab, avocado topped with filet mignon, sweet soy, yuzu miso reduction. SUSHI ROXX offers endless specialty cocktails, party bowls and a “Big Kahuna.” Their most popular cocktail is the “Kung Fu Hustle” with absolute, cucumber, thyme, and lime.

Owner Jason Apfelbaum founded SUSHI ROXX, because he noticed New York was lacking a venue that could provide a one stop shop for high-quality food and entertainment. Jason noticed a lot of servers in New York were actors trying to pay their rent so he wanted to create a place where they could showcase their talents while working.

Sushi Roxx Group ShotJason noted that the biggest challenge was finding a staff with strong hospitality skills and talent from a performance perspective. The wait staff goes through extensive training to ensure they will provide high quality service while giving an exceptional performance. Jason certainly found an outstanding staff as the restaurant has been an unquestionable success. Friday and Saturdays are typically fully booked one month in advance. SUSHI ROXX is potentially looking to open a location in Meatpacking this year. Additionally, the restaurant is considering expanding out to Las Vegas, Miami, and Los Angeles.

The best nights to check out SUSHI ROXX are Wednesdays, the “I LOVE ROXX N ROLL” show, and Thursdays, the “BOOGIE NIGHTS” performance. Sip on discounted cocktails and wines during happy hour, Tuesday-Friday 5pm-7pm. The best way to snag your reservation is to give SUSHI ROXX a call, at (212) 726-9500. Be sure to check out their Instagram page, @sushiroxxnyc! Don’t forget to use #SushiRoxx when sharing photos of your visit on social media!

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    1. foodofmanhattan says:

      Hey Mary! The performances are spread throughout the night. So, it may be tough to hear your party during a performance, but they last for a few minutes at a time.

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