Restaurant Spotlight: Mr. White

A new restaurant has opened its doors in the East Village, and everyone needs to know about it.

Mr. White is a New Orleans-inspired eatery located on St. Mark’s Place, between 1st Avenue and Avenue A.

Mr. White was designed to look like a NOLA-style mansion. But, not any mansion, Mr. White’s mansion! There is a dining room, a parlor bar and an open kitchen. With several different rooms to explore, people are always moving around and keeping the energy fresh. Mr. White is essentially throwing dinner parties every night.

Mr. White serves up southern style cuisines from both land and sea. Menu items range from Carolina Pulled Pork to Blackened Catfish to Fried Chicken. Their Texas brisket spends 12 hours in a smoker before it hits your plate! The most popular dish is the Nashville Hot Chicken. But, do not leave without trying the house specialty, Char-Grilled Oysters. The cocktail menu is loaded with unique drinks such as the ‘Kareemsicle’, a creamsicle-tasting soju concoction, crafted by Kareem the mixologist. The kitchen is run by Chef Eddie Merritt. Merritt is an old school self-taught native of Crown Heights who works closely with Mr. White to execute Southern classics with a bit of attitude.

Beyond the food, drinks and stunning décor, Mr. White has a fantastic story. Mr. White is owned and operated by ‘Mr. and Ms. White’, Jeffrey White and Kelly Rheel. Mr. and Ms. White met on June 28th, 1997, when cocktail waitress, Kelly served Jeff a rum and coke on his first visit to New York. They’ve been running around NYC together ever since.


Mr. and Ms. White are not newbies to the restaurant business. With 50 years combined restaurant experience, it seemed inevitable they would open their own place at some point. Ms. White explained, “Jeff has been a Southern boy at heart. But, a trip to New Orleans a few years ago really inspired him. He fell in love with the Char-Grilled Oysters and the style of service that came along with them. When we came back to New York, he was on a mission to find more but they were pretty scarce here. That’s when we had the idea to open up a small place with Char-Grilled Oysters as our specialty.” White ran The Grand Nation, a sports bar in Williamsburg, for two years before deciding to pursue his dream restaurant.

Mr. White is packed during the weekends. Also, their great weekday happy hour specials Tuesday – Thursday pull in a crowd earlier in the evening. The restaurant serves a 2 for 1 drink special and half priced oysters (char-grilled or raw) until 6:30 PM everyday, except Saturday. The restaurant is the perfect spot for special occasions such as birthdays, bridal showers, bachelorette parties etc. The best way to snag your table at Mr. White is by booking online. Be sure to tag @mrwhitecooks in your Instagram photos (and as always, use hashtag #foodofmanhattan to appear on our site)!

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  1. Ralph Mitchell says:

    I think I’ll try Mr.whites it sounds like a great place to enjoy dinner and drinks see you soon!!

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