Instagram Collaborations refer to agreements (paid or unpaid) between a brand and Instagram account holder regarding content development, publishing and promotion for mutual benefit.

@FoodofManhattan will participate in unpaid collaborations if the restaurant, service, event or product is satisfactory and predicted to meet the high-quality expectations of the target audience. @FoodofManhattan reserves the right to break any collaboration agreement if the restaurant, service, event or product was unsatisfactory or unsuitable for the target audience and will gladly return or reimburse the vendor for cost of product or service.

@FoodofManhattan does not participate in paid collaborations. However, @FoodofManhattan may receive small commissions from time to time as an Amazon Influencer. All Instagram content and opinions belong solely to @FoodofManhattan, unless stated otherwise. Click here for collaboration inquiries.

@FoodofManhattan has proudly collaborated and/or accepted product/service for promotional purposes from the following vendors: